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Acai bowls are a sensation. Out of the many possible options of staying on a healthy diet and keeping your body well nourished, we think Acai bowls, healthy smoothies and fresh juices are at the top. Our story is simple - it was an awesome experience when we discovered an acai bowl. We wanted to bring this heavenly delight to more people. We spent months perfecting our menu and we love promoting and being part a healthy lifestyle for our customers.

Eating healthy never went out of fashion, it just became a lot harder with our changing lifestyles. Heavenly Acai is one delicious way to get back to healthy eating. Our acai bowls, fresh juices and smoothies are packed with the healthy ingredients that will bring joy to your taste buds while nourishing your body. They are vegan, sugar free, dairy free and can be made gluten free. 

Come.. start your FIT DAY with us!

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